Friday, October 16, 2009

Round-off your Yoga Holiday in Spain with a Trip to Tangier...

Since we started offering five day breaks at our beautiful Marbella yoga retreat, we have had several guests asking us for ideas to extend their holiday. Many simply choose to spent a few extra nights at our retreat.

However, for those who are looking for a bit of adventure, a day or two in Morocco could be a great option. Being just an hours drive and a short ferry journey away, the magical Moroccan city of Tangier is within easy reach of our yoga retreat in Marbella.

From the Spanish port of Tarifa, the fast ferry across the Straits of Gibraltar will whisk you from the familiarity of mainland Europe to exotic Africa in just 45 minutes.

A few years ago, a visit to Tangier meant running the gauntlet of touts and traders trying to sell you anything from wooden camels to jeep safaris. Happily, due to new laws aimed at encouraging more tourism, the usual hassles after disembarking from the ferry are a thing of the past.

Once you leave the ferry port there are a number of excellent beachfront hotels to choose from, including the sophisticated five star Movenpick Hotel. For those looking for a cheaper and more atmospheric place to stay, the slightly faded elegance of the Rembrandt Hotel, situated in the centre of town is a great base to explore the city's labrynthine street markets.

In the main Souk, the air is heady with aromatic herbs and spices. The colourful Berber carpets and superb quality leather goods are popular tourist buys. In Moroccan markets, haggling on price is absolutely expected! If you want to pick-up a bargain, start your bidding at about 60% lower than the asking price and aim to get it for no more than 20% above your opening pitch.

The immediate area surrounding the Rembrandt is also a great place to sample Morocco's famous cuisine. Many of the restaurants serve traditional tagines of lamb and chicken, but much of Morocco's food is firmly vegetarian; couscous, rice, lentils and pulses are the base for a number of mouthwatering local dishes. Whatever you opt for, be sure to finish off your meal with a glass of refreshing mint tea.

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